Host Chat Live S 3 Ep. 23



  • TopStories; the host commemorate the loses of life with the AAPI community following the mass shootings of 8 people including 6 Asian woman.. what happens next? EJ and DJ shares stories* PLUS! We cover the follow up to #TheTalk, Justin Bieber is back in the news, Senator Warnock +MORE! 




  • #GOPCorruption; where is the GOP? Oh yeah, they’re still obstructing and supporting the insurrection of democracy* when will this end?
  • NY State Rep Grace Meng speaks up after the attacks on Asian Americans.
  • Breaking; 8 ppl shot dead in Atlanta, GA due to another White Supremacist Terrorist..bad day? No it’s called domestic terrorism!
  • Scott/Activiso George Takai comes forward and advocate for better laws and policies*
  • Senator Warnock gives his condolences to the AAPI
  • Entertainment News; Jemille Hill talks about The Talk and Sharon Osbourne.
  • Internet Sleuth/Independent Journalist Yashar Ali had the exclusive of what had happened on #TheTalk, including behind the scenes and statement from sources*
  • Justin Bieber and BLM appropriation? MLK interlude in latest song but Bernice King condones it? We don’t! PLUS! There’s evidence resurfacing.
  • Tiktok star @RideKareoke breaks down Bieber’s thievery with the black culture.
  • Nutmeg and Joy goes head to head on #TheView over ANTIFA
  • Andrew Cuomo tapes..+more!



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