Psst: A black murder suspect was arrested……… alive!

Travis Boys

Travis Boys, who is accused of fatally shooting Officer Daryle Holloway.

After Dylann Roof was arrested last week for killing nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Twitter was flooded with people who had a specific axe to grind.

Ah, yes. White privilege. The only logical explanation as to why Dylann Roof was taken into custody alive. Because, as everyone knows, only white people are ever taken into custody alive.

Except, of course, when someone who isn’t white is arrested. Alive.

That non-white someone would be Travis Boys, who was arrested yesterday after a 24-hour manhunt where just about every New Orleans police officer was out looking for him. What was his crime? He is “believed to have shot and killed a police officer while wearing handcuffs as he was being transported to jail.”

Wait……… you mean non-white Boys was taken into custody, alive, twice? Surely that’s a Guinness World Record right there.

And the second time was after he had killed Officer Daryle Holloway, one of New Orleans finest. If cop movies and TV shows have taught us anything, it’s that cops would rather kill a cop killer than take them in alive. Add to that the fact that Boys is black, and well………….

I’m sure everyone above who tweeted about Roof’s white privilege has already tweeted about Boys’ black privilege. Let’s check.

Well, it was a Sunday yesterday. Maybe they just haven’t heard the news yet.

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