Psst: A convicted white murderer was shot……… dead!

Richard Matt and David Sweat

Richard Matt (left) and David Sweat escaped from a New York prison three weeks ago.

After Dylann Roof was arrested a couple of weeks ago for killing nine people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, Twitter was flooded with people who had a specific axe to grind.

Ah, yes. White privilege. The only logical explanation as to why Dylann Roof was taken into custody alive. Because, as everyone knows, white people are always taken into custody alive.

Except, of course, when someone who is white is shot. Dead.

Back on Monday, I wrote a blog entry about Travis Boys, a non-white murder suspect who allegedly broke free from the backseat of Officer Daryle Holloway’s police cruiser, killing the officer in the process. Boys was taken back into custody without incident because he didn’t put up a fight when police finally caught up to him.

This time, the white someone who has been shot, dead, is convicted murderer Richard Matt, who, along with David Sweat, broke out of a New York prison three weeks ago. It seems that Matt, who had a 20-guage shotgun with him, didn’t listen when officers told him to put his hands up.

After Travis Boys was taken into custody, alive, I revisited the three Twitter accounts above to see what they had posted about a non-white person not being shot dead by police. None of them had commented on it. Surely they will all comment on a white person being gunned down by police, right?


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