RWS RADIO.. WORD ON THE STREETS.. Beck Responds To Kanye West’s Grammy Statements; Kanye Clarifies His Comments



 Kanye West became the talk of the 2015 Grammys when the Yeezus creator jumped on stage after Beck won the award for “Album Of The Year” over Beyoncé. West sparked even more buzz when he later stated in an interview with E! the veteran musician needed to “respect artistry” and give his trophy to Bey.

“I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t finna play with them no more,” said Kanye. “And Beck needs to respect artistry, and he should have given his award to Beyoncé.”

Beck spoke about the incident with Us Weekly. The man that released the classic 1994 song “Loser” was not upset about Ye almost stealing his moment. He even called Kanye a “genius” and admitted he also thought Beyoncé was going to win the Grammy that night.

“I was just so excited he was coming up. He deserves to be on stage as much as anybody,” Beck said. “How many great records has he put out in the last five years right?”

Meanwhile, paparazzi caught up with Kanye at the airport in New York City. When asked if his E! interview was meant to imply that Beck was not a real artist, West stated he was speaking about the Grammys, not Beck.

“I wasn’t saying Beck. I said the Grammys. Beck knows that Beyoncé should have won,” said Kanye. “Come on man, I love Beck, but he didn’t have album of the year.”

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